Why Us
We have a big vision for you.
We take the time to understand and share your vision. We can see the bigger picture of your investments and envision what is possible for your future—even when you cannot see it for yourself.

At the same time, we have the expertise, experience, and highly disciplined investment process to design the right strategy for helping you make the high-impact, high-velocity decisions that can help get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We are obsessed with your success.
We are not just focused on your needs and goals—we are obsessed with them. Every single thing we do, as well as every piece of our process, is designed with you in mind.

Our commitment to you starts with heart—with true connection and a deeper understanding—because that is how we help you achieve the highest level of success and satisfaction, as well as the specific solutions that can actually work for you.

We believe in personalized solutions.
We believe each client has a unique situation when they come to us and that your financial plan must address your individuality. We follow a proprietary process that begins with profound listening and a deep understanding of your current situation, your past experiences, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Our aim during our entire collaboration is to provide a completely personalized solution that fulfills your distinct needs and that helps you achieve your specific goals.

We are wired for this.
We have a proven track record and a long history both in the industry and the region. Our founders come from established finance and investment organizations. Their combined expertise and experience is in the DNA of Pleasant Street Advisors and the boutique, value-based, fee-based financial planning and portfolio management services we offer to select individuals and couples not only in Groton, MA, Westport, CT, and York, ME, but around the country.

Our flexible investment methodology seeks value across all asset classes, and we focus on absolute returns over relative returns. We apply rigorous risk management controls and have a focused awareness of the tax efficiencies of investment decisions.

Our employees value and practice communication, trust, and collective responsibility. They care for each other and take pride in themselves and our firm. As a team, we are obsessed with providing you with the most positive experience possible.

We are open and accessible.
At Pleasant Street, we don’t just give advice or make recommendations—we nurture a close relationship with each client and consider them a member of our extended family. We believe the happiest families are those where members foster trust, love, and respect for one another, play a part in each other’s success, and sustain healthy communication.

When you have a need, we respond. We are available to discuss all areas of our your life—from investment philosophy to education-related decisions. And to facilitate open, honest, important conversations, we’ll meet you right where you are, or welcome you into our comfortable sitting room, not just from behind a desk.

We value sophisticated simplicity.
We don’t hide behind financial jargon or maneuver you by resorting to “financial speak.” We know that financial planning and wealth management discussions already include a fair amount of complexity. Thus, we preclude confusion by ensuring clarity and simplicity in all of our communications, whether face to face or electronically. We commit to providing you with transparency and a seamless client experience throughout your collaboration with us.

We also welcome all of your questions—however small or big. You can rest assured you will always get an in-depth answer in plain English to any question you send our way.

We bridge the past to the future.
Just like the historic town of Groton, MA, where our headquarters are located, we embody the legacy and values of our industry. We believe a strong, stable future can only be anchored in the values and wealth we inherit from the past. This attitude is inherent in everything we do—from actively supporting charities such as Habitat for Humanity, to our investment management philosophy.

At the same time, we believe in the power of insightful change and continuing advancement. We are adept users of cutting-edge technology and utilize the latest technological landscape to deliver the right data and right advice to our clients at the right time.

We are independent, objective, and accountable.
You need a trusted financial advisor, not a salesperson. As fee-based advisors, we are paid directly and solely by our clients for the services we deliver, and we are committed to providing you with objective advice. In other words, we earn and succeed only when you do the same.

Each member of our highly qualified team works together to meet client needs. We are all accountable to serve you, and each of us is fully invested in your best interest and success.

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