Eye contact. From the first eyes that met to the billions of eyes since then, eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of nonverbal communication we have. If we are trying to fake emotion – laugh at an unfunny joke or act confident in a strange room – the eyes are usually what give us away.

Our culture is in a different era when it comes to customer service. Due in large part to the internet, we the consuming public are more empowered, independent, and informed than ever before. We aren’t as interested in the hard sell – the competitive, driven voice that just won’t take no for an answer. As today’s consumer, we want to be educated, not sold. We respond much more to relationship, to eye contact, than simply a list of facts and figures (we can Google anything we don’t know).

When it comes to technology and financial planning, Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors is in the business of eye contact. We want to work with you, not sell to you, and we’ve put technology and other supports in place to be able to do just that.  We know the financial world depends on relationship, and we want the methods and tools we use to facilitate that, not hinder it.

Financial Planning

When you walk into our office in Groton (or talk to us via Skype or on the phone), you’ll be greeted by a person and a conversation, not a one-size-fits-all questionnaire. Early on in our relationship, we’ll look at the MoneyGuidePro financial planning software together. We’ll walk through your plan to tweak, budge, scoot, and coax your portfolio into the place where you want it to be.   

We’ll generate a digital worksheet for you to fill out with your own goals, needs, and wants. Then we’ll carefully walk through it with you to help bring your financial holdings into accordance with your financial dreams.

The technology will provide us with possibilities, to free us up to have a conversation about your life and your goals. We can make these adjustments live, on-screen in front of you so you can see the results firsthand.

A Bird’s Eye View

When it comes to pulling all of your financial information together to give you a complete view of your current status, we use WealthAccess, a data aggregator. Through our mobile app, you can see across your books, from checking accounts to “rainy day” money stowed away. This bird’s eye view gives you more information at your fingertips, which means better decisions and a more consistent path toward your financial goals.  

WealthAccess enhances accountable budgeting, so you and your financial advisor can make a plan and stick to it. The all-important value of education here gives you the perspective to see your financial details and stay within your plan, rather than your advisor making plans for you in a closed office somewhere and presenting you with results.

In this way, financial wisdom becomes an interactive lifestyle rather than a disjointed, stressful activity.

In Step with the Market

Pleasant Street enjoys a strong relationship with Orion, a leading company in technology and financial planning. By utilizing their technology and suite of apps, we provide you with reports, advice, and market updates through an easily accessible client portal, available 24 hours a day.

Our Promise to You

All the technology in the world will never replace looking an advisor you trust in the eyes while you make a plan for your future.

At Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors, we work for you and your interests first and foremost. We have a flat fee as advisors – no hidden commissions, no kickbacks to us for recommending products that might fit your needs. Your individual goals drive the relationship here, and technology and financial planning can provide that support.  

We think this model frees our clients and us to not only see the profits of investing, but the joy of it. We are here to help ease your financial concern so you can live your best life today.



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